helping hands:  wwoofers

International Visitors

As we work with Wwoofers     (willing working on organic farms) on our farm, we have constantly international visitors that help us with all the farm tasks on hand.

They also love to help us on the markets and improve their English skills.

They all are great helpers and bring their own charms to the markets, sometimes with an exotic accent or other international skills.

They are happy to serve you!

Byron Bay Farmers Markets

Thursdays: 7:00 am - 11:00 am


Mullumbimby Farmers Markets

Fridays:  7:00am - 11:00 am


Sports events and venues of your choice:

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or call Peter on 0400097885

On our Farm we grow lots of different spray free  tropical fruits that all have a different harvesting time.
When the fruit is in season there is an abundance of it and we carefully select it,  prepare it and then freeze it into commercial freezers, so it will be as fresh when we blend it, as the day it was picked from the tree.
Mangoes, Bananas, Red and Yellow Dragon fruit, Passion fruit, Berries, Black Sapote, all spray free from our orchards.

​At Jungle Juice we only use the freshest local fruit and vegetables available to us.
Only 100% quality products are used in our healthy drinks and are freshly picked on Wednesdays, before we head off to the farmers markets.  
​We also buy additional spray free products from our farmer friends in our area.

So everything is local and fresh to bring you the best!

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