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For over 7 years we have been selling fresh produce from the Byron Bay Farmers Market. In 2007, we started Jungle Juice from our stall selling fresh juices and smoothies to a variety of local residents and Byron Shire visitors. 
​Our aim has always been to simply bring you the best quality juices and smoothies using 100% Australian local and spray free produce.

Our fresh and tasty juices and smoothies have customers coming back for more.

Many of the locals have developed a “Black Mamba” crave; whilst others need their “Dragons Tail”  fix, or just need to start their day with our healthy “Energizer” boost.

By using the highest quality, fresh produce that is free from additives, preservatives and concentrates, our juice is amazingly good! And that’s exactly what it is: 100% pure fresh juice with no added nasties, freshly prepared in front of you!

We have an uncompromising commitment to freshness and quality!